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GHIN: The Official Handicap Service of Oki Golf

New as of January 2018
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Washington State Golf Association to make GHIN the official handicap service of Oki Golf!
Register for your Oki Golf WSGA/GHIN Membership now!

You can register at any Oki Golf location, or online at any time! No club membership required.

To register for your Oki Golf WSGA/GHIN Membership online, you’ll simply need to select which Oki Golf course you’d like to designate as your “home course.” This will not limit the courses at which you can post scores. 

Register now! Select your home course: 

Online registration includes an additional $5 credit card processing fee.

Benefits of GHIN
The Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) is the official handicap service of the USGA, offered through the WSGA.

While the calculations are the same as Oki Golf's former handicap service, EZ Links, the major benefit of GHIN is that it automatically enrolls you as a member of the WSGA.


WSGA membership comes with many valuable benefits in addition to GHIN, including a subscription to Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine, PNGA membership, savings on travel and other golf-related products, eligibility to play in championships and special events, and more. See all WSGA membership benefits here.

EZ Links Handicap Service has Ended
Effective January 1, 2018, EZ Links terminated their handicap service for all associations, including Oki Golf. We are no longer able to offer EZ Links handicap indexes as a complimentary service to Players Cardholders.

We recommend that all Washington golfers register for a GHIN Handicap, which also enrolls you as a member of the Washington State Golf Association. See above for details.

Transfer from EZ Links
If you currently have an EZ Links Handicap (or the complimentary Handicap Index you received as a 2017 or ealier Oki Golf Players Cardholder) then we can transfer all your scores to GHIN for you.

Once you have an active GHIN account number, simply contact the WSGA and let them know you'd like them to transfer your scores. Call the WSGA to transfer your scores at (206) 526-8605, or toll free (800) 643-6410. Press 1 for the Handicap Department.


We're here to help! 

If you have any questions about your handicap, Players Card benefits, or any other questions regarding Oki Golf, please contact us at (425) 454-2800 or


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