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Oki Golf Blog > Posts > Avoid Military Golf – Face Hips at the Target
February 25
Avoid Military Golf – Face Hips at the Target

If you’re golf game resembles our military… “Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right” … then this tip will help you hit more shots down the middle.  If I could offer one tip to a golfer on their swing it would be this: to make sure their hips turn through their swing and face their target.

StevenBorror.jpgOne of the things I focus on the most during a lesson is where my student finishes their golf swing, particularly the lower body.  When a right-handed student doesn’t quite get the hips all the way towards the target, this is an example of military golf.  The ball tends to follow the direction of the body and doesn’t end up on target.  When the lower body doesn’t face the target, it puts way too much pressure on the upper body to decide where the club is released. 

If our hips don’t make it all the way through to the target, the club can be released early, causing shots to fan out to the right.  After a few swings like this, the upper body compensates and gets ahead of itself, coming over the top of the ball causing shots to pull to the left of the target.

If you can finish your swing in what I call a perfect finish position with your hips facing the target, you’ll not only hit more fairways, but you’ll look like a golfer too.  To see this tip in action, check out this video.

Ready to work on your swing? Check out Oki Golf’s Spring Training program to get your game in shape for the summer.

Steven Borror | Head Golf Professional | Indian Summer Golf and Country Club


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