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Oki Golf Groups

Oki Golf maintains several golfing groups for golfers looking to get a regular game, play with people with similar habits or skill level, or expand their golfing network. You will need to create a profile to become part of these groups online so that you can receive group messaging and check current events. Click here or click on the 'Join' button of any group to sign in or create your profile.

Club Pass Members at Trophy Lake

Members: 22

Description : While not limited to players holding the Trophy Lake Club Pass, this group is designed for our local players who like to call Trophy Lake “home.” If you’ve ever thought, “gee, I’d like to go play,” but none of your regular group is available, this is the perfect way to connect with others in the same boat. Expand your golfing circle and never be left out again! This is also a perfect way to come try out our Men’s Club!

Announcement :
We will eventually hold group events once this membership is established.

Couples Around The Sound

Members: 67

Description : Have a Day on the Course with Your Significant Other. Are you looking to spend more time together, get that round of golf in, and maybe meet some new folks? We've had some interest in creating groups so that couples can golf together and with other couples. Join this group and we'll work to set up fun events at various Oki Golf courses if we get enough interest.

Announcement :
Once we have a number of interested couples, we'll set up a schedule of events.

Low Handicapper Challenge

Members: 51

Description : Looking for Quality Competition at High Levels? If you'd like to compete against other low handicappers in gross competitions, join the group and after we get some more information from those that are interested, we'll set up a schedule of events.

Announcement :
This group is still forming. Details around play dates and competitions are forthcoming.

Pacesetters at Oki Golf

Members: 69

Description : Help Oki Golf Deliver the Four Hour Golf Round!! We are looking for individuals to commit to playing a round in four hours or less. We will ask you to commit to several rules such as "ready golf" and limiting searching to lost balls to one minute. We also will seek your input to develop other suggestions as to how we can limit the time on the course without limiting the enjoyment of your round. We'll start out with some test rounds at a few courses on weekday mornings, but we will expand to other times and courses after we have developed the foundations of the rules and practices.

Announcement :
We will be setting up dates and times and posting them here, so join the group to receive email notifications about upcoming events.

Teachers Who Golf

Members: 9

Description : Oki Golf would like to recognize our educators. We will be setting up events throughout the summer season to help Seattle area teachers unwind after a long school year. Watch this space for upcoming play dates and events.

Announcement :
Our first events are as follows:
The Golf Club at Echo Falls Tuesday, June 26: $35 public/$25 Players Cardholders
Washington National Golf Club Monday, June 25: $65 public/$55 Players Cardholders (includes cart)
The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie Thursday, June 28: $31 public/$25 Players Cardholders

Tee times can be booked up to seven days in advance

Thursdays With The Muirfield Club

Members: 39

Description : Try Out Newcastle's Muirfield Club. The Golf Club at Newcastle has started a new club for golfers calle the Muirfield Club. Join this group if you'd like to take part in the club's Thursday night events and learn. Tee times are from 4pm - 5pm with light appetizers following these events. As this club grows, these events will be reserved for club members, so take part now to learn more and see if the Muirfield Club is for you. Contact: Mark Rashell, The Golf Club at Newcastle, (425) 793-4665

Announcement :
Please contact the club for the next event.

Trophy Lake Military Golfers

Members: 11

Description : Open to both active duty and retired military personnel. If you are a golfer looking to connect with others who share this common bond of service to our country, this is the place. Communicate with other players within the group, and set up your own tee times.

Announcement :
We eventually plan to hold group events once this membership is established.