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Handicap Services

Receive a Certified Handicap Index from a Licensed USGA Club

Oki Golf provides a complimentary EZLinks handicap index to all of its Players Cardholders. Handicap Indices meet USGA requirements and are valid and accepted at any venue or competition that requires a USGA-compliant Handicap Index.

EZ Links Handicap Network
One of the tremendous benefits of EZLinks handicap software is that it is centralized. Meaning, all handicap information is transmitted in real-time, rather than stored on a computer and transmitted periordically. With EZLinks, as a score is posted at a computer station or online, it will instantly be included in your scoring history.
Post Scores at Oki Golf Courses or Online at

Members have the option of posting scores at handicap terminals at any of the Oki Golf courses, or on the Oki Golf website. Once members have established their Handicap Index, they will be able to print out handicap labels at Oki Golf courses (as they have at the GHIN terminals in the past), and will also be able to print their Handicap Index by accessing their member record HERE.


The Washington State Golf Association observes an inactive score posting season from November 15th to the last day of February.
Preserve Your Score History and Member Number

For those who carried a GHIN handicap index in the past and are now transitioning to the EZ Links Handicap Network, you can print out your 20 most recent scores from and enter them into the EZ Links Handicap Network to preserve your score history. If you cannot access your GHIN scores, you may contact Oki Golf and we can provide you with your 20 most recent scores from GHIN.


Send us a request for your GHIN scoring history to

Oki Golf EZ Links Handicap vs. WSGA Membership

One important thing to note is that EZ Links and GHIN are two separate software systems. Both use the same USGA formula to calculate your handicap index. GHIN is the software system the WSGA uses in conjunction with its WSGA Membership program. If you plan to participate in any WSGA or PNGA-sponsored events during the next year, you will need to purchase a WSGA Membership in addition to the Handicap Index that you get through Oki Golf's EZ Links Handicap Network, as membership is required by the WSGA and PNGA for entry into their events. You do not actually need to maintain a handicap through GHIN to be able to play in these events, as the Handicap Index you keep with Oki Golf is USGA-compliant and valid and accepted at these and any other competitive events requiring a Handicap Index – you just need to enroll yourself as a WSGA Member. If you are interested in renewing your WSGA Membership through an Oki Golf facility, we continue to offer these at all of our courses.


Another thing to note is that if you are playing a non-Oki Golf course, you will not be able to post your score on their handicap terminal. You will need to hold on to your scorecard and post your score the next time you are at an Oki Golf course, or take advantage of online convenience and post your score at


If you have questions about our transition to a new Handicap Service, please email us at


By offering an affordable handicap alternative, it is Oki Golf's hope that more and more local golfers begin to maintain Handicap Indexes so that we may continue to grow the game of golf in the State of Washington.




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  • Is my handicap accepted at tournaments in Washington or outside of the state?
    ​Yes, your EZ Links USGA Handicap Index is valid and accepted at any venue or competition that requires a USGA Handicap Index.
  • How often will my handicap be revised?
    Oki Golf’s EZ Links Handicap Network will be on the exact same revision schedule as GHIN, with a new revision occurring on the 1st and 15th of every month during the active season (March-November).
  • Where do I post my scores?
    ​Scores can be posted at EZ Links Handicap terminals at any of the Oki Golf courses, and may also be posted on the Oki Golf website under the My Handicap section of your online profile.
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