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Oki Golf Blog > Posts > Par Five Risk Reward on #12 at Echo Falls
May 04
Par Five Risk Reward on #12 at Echo Falls

EF12.jpgEcho Falls has four par-5s that can all be reached in two by longer hitters. The 12th hole has the most risk of the four. The decision to reach this green in two should not be taken lightly. The green is guarded by a hazard in front that can spoil a good birdie chance quickly.  The green is also tucked away along the right side of the hole, making it even more difficult to land a nice shot in there.

If you are not intending to reach the green in two I suggest using a 3-wood or hybrid off the tee to avoid where the OB comes in on the left side.  This will give you the best chance of making a safe par. From there you have a relatively easy layup with a mid iron to 100 yards.

Best of Luck!!

Caleb Kraus, PGA | Harbour Pointe Golf Club


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