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November 20
Foul Weather Gear Tips

Believe it or not, playing golf year round in the Pacific Northwest can really be enjoyable. Many golfers will shy away during inclement weather, which means you can almost have the course to yourselves and tee times are easier to get.

Dress the Part - Before I can assist you in playing in foul weather we have to get you dressed for it.

Having the proper gear is critical to the enjoyment of playing in inclement weather. Here are some musts-haves in order to beat the elements:

  1. Lightweight waterproof rain gear: Everyone who plays in the foul weather should have high quality rain gear. Don’t buy the least expensive one…you get what you pay for. Expect to pay about $150-$250 for a jacket and $120-$200 for pants. There are many great manufacturers that make rain gear that is fully waterproof, but some of them can make your swing feel awkward. I recommend a lightweight rain jacket and rain pants that have a waterproof warranty. I prefer half zip jackets because they tend not to poof out at the bottom where my hand are while I am swinging. I like the lightweight jacket and pants so I can use them in the spring when it is warmer without being uncomfortable. If I need warmth, I use layering. Layering is important so you are able to adjust your warmth for varying temperatures throughout the day. You can wash your rain gear, but don’t put it in the dryer; this seems to take away some of the water wicking in the fabric.
  2. Rain Gloves: Perhaps one of the best golf inventions ever are rain gloves. The wetter your hands and grips get, the better rain gloves grip to your club. I don’t waste my energy or time trying to keep my grips dry, I put on the rain gloves and hit away. Watch my video on rain gloves here
  3. Waterproof shoes: Buy a golf shoe that has at least a two year waterproof warranty. I like getting black shoes to wear during the winter so the mud and dirt doesn’t show up so much. Make sure to give them a good cleaning when you are done and keep them in a dry place between rounds.
  4. Waterproof Rain Hat/Beanie: These are great for keeping your head dry, which will help you stay warm. When it’s not raining wear the beanie for warmth.

Caleb Kraus, PGA | General Manager | Harbour Pointe Golf Club



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