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June 01
Cure for a Slice

True Confessions: My “Power Fade” is looking more like a Bruised Banana


One of the most effective drills I have found to cure a slice is so simple you won’t believe it. It’s known as the “gate drill.” Very simply, while on the practice tee, it involves placing two balls diagonally on either side of your object ball. For a right handed player, place a second ball 2” closer to your toe line and 4” ahead of your object ball. Alternately, place a third ball 2” farther from your toe line and 4” farther away from the target. The goal is to hit your object ball at your target without disturbing the other two balls. This cannot be done with an outside in swing path. Combine this move with the correct release of the clubhead, and over time, you will turn that bruised banana into a “peach, hon.”
John Hildebrand | Assistant Golf Professional | Trophy Lake Golf & Casting


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